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Chat Companions

At Living@Home Ltd, we're dedicated to providing meaningful connections and support for seniors, particularly those experiencing dementia.

Our new service, Chat Companions, offers a unique opportunity for seniors to engage in enjoyable and enlightening conversations from the comfort of their own home. 

This service is perfect for dementia/Alzheimer's patients who have good long term memory or for the loved one who may live alone and is looking for social interaction.  Perhaps you were an electrical engineer or an executive at a bank or major company when you were younger?  Whatever your topic of choice, we can have robust discussion about any of these subjects, just let us know what you or your loved one would like to talk about. 

All sessions are done via video chat with a live moderator.  Scroll down to find out more!

What is Chat Companions?

Chat Companions is an online chat service that allows seniors to book 30-minute sessions to discuss topics of their choice.

Whether it's a subject they are passionate about or a casual chat to brighten their day, our knowledgeable companions are here to chat with them in an informed and respectful manner. 


Chat Companions often take place in a group setting with other likeminded seniors as well as a Living@Home moderator.


This service is available in English only and for anyone around the world that wishes to take part

Why Choose Chat Companions?

Customized Conversations:

  • We research the topics beforehand, ensuring a knowledgeable and engaging discussion tailored to individual's interests.


Combat Loneliness:

  • Our service offers seniors a chance to connect with others, reducing feelings of isolation and fostering a sense of community.


Affordable and Convenient:

  • For just $15 per 30-minute session, seniors can enjoy a chat with one of our companions, as well as other like-minded people in a small group setting.

Supporting Cognitive Health:

  • Engaging in conversations about familiar topics can help stimulate memory and cognitive function.

Experience the Joy of Connection

Give yourself or your loved one the gift of conversation with Chat Companions. It's a wonderful way to spend quality time and keep the mind active.

Dementia often steals our most recent memories but leaves our older memories relatively intact.  We want to tap into those older memories and have conversations with older adults that help them remember their past. We can discuss any subject that you or your loved one wants to talk about, whether it be family trips they took when they were a child, or discuss their careers and the achievements they accomplished in the workforce. 

Book your session today and discover the benefits of engaging conversations with our compassionate companions.

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